Remember the name Yoann Gourcuff

Here’s a name you’re going to be hearing a lot of in the future – Yoann Gourcouff. The Bordeaux midfielder is the latest in those coming out of France being tagged as “the next Zidane.” Except this time, unlike with Vikash Dhorasoo (turned out to be a bum), Samir Nasri (great, but a very different player than Zidane), Benzema (also great, but plays an entirely different position), this guy might be the one.

Also of North African decent, Gourcouff actually does play that more traditional no. 10 role that sees him (like Zidane) perched out at the top of the penalty ready to dish off to a forward or to attack the goal himself, just like he did last week against PSG. [ame=””%5DHere’s the goal[/ame].

Next year, when he returns to AC Milan from his loan deal with Bordeaux, look to hear a lot more about him.


3 thoughts on “Remember the name Yoann Gourcuff

  1. The Gourcuff family is not at all from North Africa but deeply rooted in Brittany (The name Gourcuff comes from Finistère, the far west of Brittany/France).

    Whatsoever it’s true that technically speaking he’s closer to Zidane than any other so called “next Zizou”

  2. Also it will only take 15 mil to keep in him Bordeaux whether Milan likes it or not, which theyre probably ready to pay. serves them right too.

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