Someone try and excite me about this USA-Sweden match

Okay, Bigsoccer denizens, I offer you a challenge. Try to convince me to be even the slightest bit excited about this weekend’s USA-Sweden friendly.

I know that some of you out there are the kind of foaming-at-the-mouth, “OMG!!! WE NEED TO FIRE BRADLEY NOW BECAUSE HE HASN’T CALLED UP X FOR THIS CRITICAL MATCH AGAINST MONTSERRAT” USMNT fans who tend to drive me bananas.

Well, today I ask to bring me your bananas. Please convince me why I should spend two hours of my life to watch a lot of guys who I’ve already seen and who aren’t likely to play a big role in the first batch of qualifiers mess about in front of 6,000 (maybe) at HDC?


6 thoughts on “Someone try and excite me about this USA-Sweden match

  1. I have trouble getting jazzed for friendlies – especially since the Feb. 11 qualifying opener isn’t too far away now.

    But I’ll watch with interest to see how we play.

  2. I’ll start by admitting I posted something similar a while back; that’s not a knock, not remotely, but a confession. I’ll round off this intro by saying, dammit! I just chucked out the idea I had for my next post….but the opening you provided here basically trumped my schedule.

    Here’s why you should care: friendlies like these are our one collective chance to attach far too much meaning to any given individual’s performance, or to absolutely get pants-soakingly freaked out about a loss. This is our chance to imitate the political world pre-Iowa, when even a guy like Mike Gravel can be treated as a contender (god, I hope I got the first name right…then again, who cares?). In basic terms, this Sweden friendly is a time for all U.S. soccer people to dream just a little: for the players, it’s a first, and in all probability, bogus “first-step” to the full national program – HA!; for fans, it’s that opportunity to bark “I told you so!” at your friends and fellow Big Soccer people who told you that…let’s see…Ugo Ihemelu is not National Team material.

    Basically, I’ve turned around completely since posting that original item. What the hell, I say. Have fun with the friendly…but only if you don’t have something better to do.

  3. You might be exaggerating a little bit on that attendance. The worst the U.S. men have drawn at the HDC is 10K. And this isn’t a useless friendly against Bermuda on a Sunday afternoon, this is a useless friendly against Sweden on a Saturday night, on the eve of the Mexico game, so people are jazzed up. That and tix are fairly cheap (compared to Galaxy games)
    The game probably will be a bore though. I’m going with friends and tailgating and such, so itll be worth it for me.

  4. I got yer banana right here, buddy.

    Seriously, here’s a chance to see some guys who might not otherwise get a shot with the USMNT. And the fact that they’re facing a reasonably quality side should help answer the “XXX is good enough to be playing ahead of YYY” question. What’s not to like? There are guys we’ll see that will develop into the quality depth (or who knows, even starters) through the qualifiers, and there are guys who will stink up the joint. Now, that part may not be entertaining, per se, but it will help Bradley make up his mind about some things.

  5. I am jazzed because it should be a good cahnace to see some of the exciting young guns like Rogers, Holden and Davies do their thing. It could be a really good thing for American soccer.

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