Is anyone else impressed by what Bruce is doing in LA?

Ricketts, Dema, Miglioranzi, Magee… is anyone else actually impressed that Arena has managed to replace a lot of the total dreck that was in LA last season with real MLS-quality players?

Is this a title-contending side? No, but I think they might be one or two central defenders away from at least ceasing to be a disgrace. Which, considering the Galaxy’s recent history, is saying quite a lot.


2 thoughts on “Is anyone else impressed by what Bruce is doing in LA?

  1. The key to being successful in MLS is to build depth in your squad of cheap, reliable players. Guys like Miglioranzi. So he’s moving in the right direction. You know, Arena did the same thing with RBNY. He had that squad playing quite well at the end of the season 2 years ago, and gave NE everything they could handle in the playoffs. If JPA hadn’t gotten that concussion, they could have made MLS cup.

    There are people out there who want to dislike Bruce, but his accomplishments on the MLS level speak for themselves.

  2. Bruce is a good coach. People want to bash him because of the sad state in which the US national team presented itself in Germany. I think most US fans were absolutely shattered by the representation of the US and so equate Arena with failure which is not fair.

    Bruce is a good MLS coach and will do better with LA next season. I have no doubt LA will go in the right direction.

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