Beckham’s Motives: Posh Life or World Domination?

Surely, the answer (without getting inside of David Beckham’s head somehow, which would bring its own levels of creepiness) is somewhere inbetween.

But in reading Martin Rogers’ latest piece about Beckham and the Milan-Munich appearances in Dubai, the question came to mind.

There has been talk, fueled in part by Alexi Lalas – apparently he still runs his mouth when not shotgunning Red Bulls, and discussed earlier on our web site and by fellow blogger Ollie Irish, about whether or not Becks returns to MLS for the 2009 season.

I have stated on Fighting Talker in the past that I didn’t think he would, and that maybe this wouldn’t be the worst thing for the league. It is fair to ask what more Becks can do. The league surely will hit, if it hasn’t already, a point of diminishing returns with regard to jerseys, other apparel, etc., especially with the lack of team success LA has experienced since he arrived.

If Becks really has it in his head that he is going to be playing in the World Cup for England in 2010, it is then also fair to ask whether returning to MLS makes any sense. If, as Rogers describes, England boss Fabio Capello has to see strengths in fitness, attitude, technique, and personality – can Becks even do that playing for the Galaxy? Even if he isn’t in a starting role at Milan for whatever reason, his chances to show well against better competition have to be more beneficial for him than coming back to the United States and running around for 90 minutes with his Galaxy teammates, losing 4-2, and retreating back to the house in the hills with Posh, where he eats steak (maybe) and she sucks the juice out of a miniature grapefruit (she has to keep that, um, girlish figure, you know).

Just to be clear, I don’t think it would hurt MLS in any way if Beckham came back. He would be welcomed “home” with red carpets, photographers, and open arms. Ones and ones of media would follow the whole affair live.

And if he wants to be a celebrity and part of the “L.A. scene,” with his wife, then hey, more power to him. Athletes have done worse.

But if he really wants to be in the World Cup (if England qualifies, of course), and he really needs to show Capello something (or four somethings, as the case may be) to make that happen – then he might want to buy somewhere in Milan rather than rent.


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