Ringing in the changes for 2009

It’s been an amazing 2008 for Fighting Talker. I started this site back in March pretty much so I would annoy my friends less by not babbling about soccer as much. Needless to say, this site and the audience we now have has exceeded my expectations by an immeasurable amount. Obviously, it wouldn’t have been nearly this much fun without you, the readers, and both Ed and I thank you enormously for “tuning in” every day.

It’s with great pleasure then, that I announce that Fighting Talker is moving to become a featured blog at Bigsoccer.com. Yes, that Bigsoccer. We’ll be joining some of the best writers and photographers in American soccer like Dan Loney, Andy Mead, and Ollie Irish. Ed and I are both enormously honored to have been approached by Bigsoccer and are excited at the prospect of expanding our readership even more.

That said, with the move will come a few changes. Here is the new address. This site, fightingtalker.wordpress.com, will cease updating later this week. Hopefully, if all goes well, http://www.fightingtalker.com will begin routing to the Bigsoccer site later on this week as well.

For those of you that subscribe to the site via Google Reader, Bloglines, or other aggrigators, you will need to change the feed to this one linked here.

For now, the podcast’s links and RSS feeds remain the same. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know in the future.


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