Fun Stuff from England

Ed here. I had a chance to watch a bit of the Tottenham-Wigan FA Cup match yesterday (which Spurs won, 3-1) on Setanta Broadband. Spurs are on to the fourth round, keeping them alive in both domestic Cup competitions with their upcoming Carling Cup two-legged semifinal vs. Burnley.

Early in the game, Spurs appeared to suffer an injury blow when Didier Zokora was struck in an unfortunate place (the produce section, the jigglies, the demilitarized zone – however you care to refer to the region) at close range by a teammate’s attempted clearance.

The commentators were not sympathetic. The incident got a good laugh out of the analyst, after which the PBP man offered this gem.

“Our apologies to Mrs. Zokora.”

Seconds later, the camera switched to a young, somewhat attractive blonde woman in the stands looking on in what appeared to be unabashed horror.

Again, the PBP man came to the rescue.

“She appears to be unduly concerned!”

Also yesterday, Newcastle manager Joe Kinnear, he of the expletive-laced presser when he first took over the massive club, showed his love for the Roger Clemens Version of the English language during his presser with reporters prior to today’s FA Cup match against Premier League rival Hull City. Kinnear was speaking about how he was determined to keep want-away goalkeeper Shay Given at the club through the end of his contract in 2011. He then doubted the truth of media reports regarding the goalkeeper, and wondered aloud if the reports had been “misinterpretated.”

Maybe he just misremembered what he read.


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