Heading back to the Capital City

You can count me as satisfied to see that the USA-Mexico home qualifier will return to Columbus. You can also count me as surprised, I figured that would end up in Salt Lake, where they have a better stadium and just as good of recent history hosting USA matches.

But with all the new stadium construction, and the growth of USMNT crowds around the country, no one, not even US Soccer “heritage sites” like RFK or Foxboro, can be too confident of getting a match.


One thought on “Heading back to the Capital City

  1. They’d BETTER give a game to Foxboro or Hartford or else I’ll be pissed! That would be my only shot to see a qualifier in this cycle.

    The Revs really need to build a legit stadium. As much as I hate them naturally as a United supporter unfortunately living on their home soil, I really am disgraced each time I walk into Gillette Stadium for a soccer game. Even for Beckham games, it’s an ugly site.

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