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Thursday, Jan. 15th is draft day, and already I have begun trolling around looking for any info I can find. Here are two of the best places to look:

  • 3rd Degree in Dallas is invaluable for its work tracking the Generation Adidas players who declare early for the MLS draft
  • Climbing the Ladder also has, what I believe to be, the most up-to-date version of the 09 draft order, as well as a good list of likely draftees.

Are there any other sites I should be looking at? Let me know. Below are some of my early thoughts on the upcoming draft.

I wonder what Seattle plans to do with that first pick. I think if I were in their shoes, I would probably spend it on a talented young defender who can help anchor the franchise as it grows towards playoff contention. Looking at their current roster, they need just about everything except for target forwards and goalkeepers. Maybe I am being overly cautious, but I wouldn’t want to risk a first pick on an attacking player, even one with college experience and success, like say O’Brian White. I just think the track record of forwards taken that high in the draft is too spotty. I’d go with a big, smart defender instead. They’re certainly easier to spot, it would seem. Talented players like Soumare, Harrington, Wynne, Marshall, and Gbandi have all emerged out of picks in the top three positions and I just think you’d rather hitch your wagon early to a player like that than risk a bust at pick No. 1.

Toronto too has the potential to improve greatly out of the draft, with picks at No. 2, 4, 13, and 19. Now knowing Toronto, they’re surely going to trade at least one of those, which is a fine decision, depending on who comes in return. TFC needs scoring, they were second-bottom in goals scored last season. Maybe they trade a pick or two for a veteran consistent (unlike Ruiz) MLS goalscorer. We’ve heard rumors of Taylor Twellman going to LA, why shouldn’t he go to Toronto instead, and take advantage of all those nice passes from Amado Guevara? (Before Amado inevitably storms off, of course.) I’d argue that they also need a goalkeeper, or at least a goalkeeper of the future behind Sutton (who I am not completely sold on anyway).

Finally, at pick No. 3, sits MLS’ biggest disaster, the Galaxy. They clearly need a young, reliable defender. Does that mean they’ll take one? I have no idea. I am not sure anyone but Bruce Arena knows what they’re going to do on draft day, and sometimes, watching the way that organization operates sometimes, I am not even sure Bruce knows what they’re up to.


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