A note on sourcing

I know that in the past MLS Rumors has been 100% wrong about items, but that’s why they’re called rumors, folks. I link to them sometimes when I want to spur a discussion. Note that on the post below, I didn’t begin to wonder if the Gallardo rumor was true. I just wanted to spur a discussion.

When I link to something, I don’t inherently view it as an endorsement of the story or its source’s accuracy. Like any smart reader of American soccer news, I take MLS Rumors’ materials with a very big grain of salt.

That said, I suspect that I was allowing my own view on Gallardo (he’s buried deep in my doghouse right now) to color my decision to post that link. But hey, it’s a blog. “Coloring” is allowed here.


4 thoughts on “A note on sourcing

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to say hi and tell you something about that story I posted on my blog and then sent it MLSR…

    The post was translated from a really prestigious newspaper (MARCA) and I published it on my blog because I know how Argentineans are. If this guys says he will bring Gallardo back if gets elected, he will.

    Now, if DC United doesn’t want him to leave, that is a different story.

    (I wish you guys could speak Spanish and help me debating about rumors like this on my site :(. Or I wish I had the time to write in English)

    However, you can always ask me anything you want or leave a comment in English. I am bilingual, so I will not have problem replying.

    … This site looks really cool. I am not kissing ass. It really does. And it seems that people who read it like the game of soccer and understand it… and that is hard to find around here.

    Un abrazo,
    MLS en Espanol.net

  2. When MLSR quotes somebody else, and it ultimately tracks back to a credible source, like this one does, I think it’s within protocal to go back to the source and skip ’em. I would have cited MLS en E or Marca.

  3. If you do you need to do your own translation. MLS rumors is fine as a source. It says Rumors in the title! Maybe just change the tone of those kind of posts so they don’t read like “news”, but rather, “What if Gallardo went back to Argentina?” What would you think?, oh and by the way, a couple of other places on the net have asked this question as well (_______)”

    Can’t please all the people all the time I guess.
    Good site though and worth keeping up the old “respecto-meter”.

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