Guess What!!!!

Roy Keane has reportedly left Sunderland. (Note: Sunderland has confirmed)

Ed here … There hasn’t been an official word of what’s going on, so maybe Keane just got his now world-famous beard chopped off, walked into the team offices this morning and no one realized he was actually there because they didn’t recognize him, and some intern called the papers to say that Keane had left.

But as it is, it looks like the Keane era at Sunderland is over. He lasted roughly 2.5 years, promoting Sunderland from the Leauge Championship and keeping the club from relegation in the Premier League last season. But the Black Cats have been declawed lately, losing five of six and with little prospect of things getting better as they travel to Manchester United on Saturday.

I thought Keane was going to go, but even I didn’t think it would be this quick.

But hey – now if Sigi goes to Seattle, Columbus can hire Keane!!


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