A big, big question

From MLS Rumors:

Our friends of MLS en Espanol.net told us that Marcelo Gallardo could be coming back to Argentina if Daniel Lalin gets elected as the new president of Racing Club de Avellaneda.

Daniel Lalin has publicly said that he wants to bring two of the “Argentinean stars” back to the league and Marcelo “Muñeco” Gallardo would be one of them. The other one would be Mario Pavone (forward, Betis).

Elections will take place December 21st.

So, if an Argentine team comes knocking for Gallardo, should DC United listen?


10 thoughts on “A big, big question

  1. Obviously it depends on the details. Would we just be letting him go, with no compensation? Would we get any money? Do we have anyone in mind to replace him if he does go? If he goes, and goes late, so we don’t have much time to fill the gap at amid, then it’ll be another “rebuilding year” next season; but arguably, that’s going to be true anyway.

  2. Sure. If they want the oft-injured player and can take the contract off United’s hands … absolutely. Not necessarily true if it’s another MLS team that asks, but if he’s going back to Argentina, do the deal.

    Nothing against Gallardo, but if you can get out from under the salary and use it constructively in a year where rosters have been reduced and the reserve division is gone (according to Goff), then do it.

  3. Absolutely! Even when he was on it was hard to say that his style suited the league or the team. If his price was 250 or 300 then it would make sense to keep him for the bits of magic he can provide, but at the current price it’s too much. Trade the DP slot and get 2-3 solid defenders and backups.

  4. Yeah, it’s too bad they can’t use the Telemundo approach of “big tits plus soccer highlights”. That stuff is interesting even if you can’t understand the talking going on around it. Perhaps even more so.

  5. Hey guys,

    Congrats on the site! Really cool. And thanks for stopping by mine, too.

    Just so you know, you can always comment in English. There is also a “google translator” option. I know, it sucks but it could help.

    Again, if you have a question about an article or anything, just leave a comment…

    Un abrazo,
    MLS en Espanol.net

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