Guess Tevez was Ticked …

… Ed here.

Manchester United advanced to the English NIT Carling Cup semifinals with a 5-3 win over Blackburn today. Carlos Tevez took advantage of getting a run out to show Sir Alex Ferguson maybe he can play a little bit, scoring four goals. Guess he really does want to play. Can’t argue with the result.

About the game, Tevez was quoted on Soccernet:

”I am very proud to score four goals,” said Tevez. ”It is the first time I have done it in my career and it is better because it came for Manchester United.

”I have not played very often, so I was looking forward to the game and I am happy with my performance.’

United joins Spurs, Derby County, and Burnley in the semifinals. I have a bad feeling the draw is going to go United-Spurs and Derby-Burnley, but we’ll see. The semifinals bring the added challenge of a 2-leg set up, so the non-Prem sides might well want to play each other rather than avoid trying to upset one of the higher-placed clubs over two matches.


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