LiveBlog for MLS Cup Final

Join us tomorrow for a live blog of the MLS Cup Final between the Columbus Crew and the New York Red Bulls. I will update with the direct link to the live blog as we get closer to game time tomorrow.

LiveBlog available here.

As for the game, as I’ve said before, I think it would be better if Columbus won. There’s something to be said for the best team in the regular season winning the playoffs. Despite what FSC’s Max Bretos wanted to tell you over and over again last week, the Red Bulls are not a Cinderella story. Davidson in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was a Cinderella. A team that qualifies as a Cinderella should be one that when they finally lose, people are sad. Very few people would have been sad had New York lost at some point along the way up to now, and few would be crying if they get punked tomorrow. Hell, even if they did win, the victory parade would probably be in 60-90 days.

But as much as I don’t want to admit it, New York has more than a puncher’s chance here. They present a big issue for any opponent due to Juan Pablo Angel’s ability on free kicks. If they are within a goal, they are always in the game. I don’t expect either team to come out and play too defensively, but the game could certainly use for an early goal to get things going.

And to that point – even though two teams I can’t stand are in the Final, I hope they play an entertaining game. This is our league’s final, some people, somewhere, will be watching, so I hope it’s something worth watching – unlike the games in England today. …

… Where it appears no one actually wants to win the title. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United combined for 0 goals today. 0. Or, as many as me. And I didn’t play today except on video games. Chelsea and Liverpool stay at the top after their draws at home to Newcastle and Fulham, respectively. Arsenal lost, 3-0, at Manchester City; while Manchester United could only muster a 0-0 draw at Villa. Make no mistake, one of the top four is going to win the title. But today at least, it didn’t look like any team was all that interested in taking command.


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