Wrapping up CONCACAF

And in the end… Mexico qualfied. But they did so by backing in in the largest possible way by losing to group winner Honduras. Does anyone think Sven is even going to make it through the Hex at this pace? Just to reitereate, Mexico has not won in its last three qualifiers. If Mexico so much as wobbles in its first hex match, Sven is going to be on the next flight back to Stockholm.

Otherwise, there were no real surprises last night. The USA b-team didn’t really put it into gear until the 2nd half, but won comfortably over an absolutely dreadful looking Guatemala team. Cooper scored his first off a scramble, and Freddy put away an outstanding free kick.

So the Hex is USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, T&T and El Salvador.

The real fun starts on Feb. 11.


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