Columbus doesn’t blow it and Houston does. Who’da thunk it?

It a strange, wild, little league we follow, isn’t it? The two-time defending champions go down to a team that only a few weeks ago were odds on to not make the playoffs and the league’s greatest postseason choking dog completes its business against KC despite all the traditional Crew postseason meltdown signs being in place (crap weather, tiny crowd, etc.)

Btw, I believe this now means that not one MLS team that competed in the Champions Cup, Superliga, or Champions League advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs. Pretty amazing indication of how those games can disrupt a league season, isn’t it?

Also, we’ll find out next week if Danny Cepero just had his Jim Carey moment, or if he really is as good as he appeared in Houston. The jury is still out with me.


3 thoughts on “Columbus doesn’t blow it and Houston does. Who’da thunk it?

  1. What’s really interesting is that for the first time in years, MLS Cup will have new teams. And, if Columbus can get past Chicago, there will be a 1st-time MLS Cup champion for the first time since…

    San Jose (I’m not counting the Houston version of the San Jose Earthquakes).

  2. It was time for Houston’s schedule to catch up with them. That, coupled with NY’s ability to be something of a bogey team to Houston made the result a little less of an upset than you would think.

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