WaPo – Soehn is back

The Goff’er has the exclusive:

Tom Soehn will return for a third season as head coach of D.C. United in 2009, the Insider learned today.

According to sources familiar with the process, Soehn was told by club management this morning that the option on his contract will be exercised.

Neither Soehn nor his agent, New York-based Ron Waxman, could be reached to comment. Club officials did not have immediate comment, but were apparently preparing a formal statement.

One player, who requested anonymity, said he had heard that a decision had been made, adding Soehn “deserved to come back. He went through a lot.”

While I don’t entirely agree with the decision, I kind of thought it might happen. It’s certainly a defensible decision, more than many we’ve seen with this organization. I am not thrilled w/the decision because I don’t think he’s proven himself a great coach at this point, yet I am actually a little happy that we’ll have some continuity going into United’s most important draft since 2003 when United went 2-for-4 in the first two rounds. (Winners: Eski and Carroll, losers: Warren and Stokes).

Now, of course, if the Soehn, Kasper, Payne triumverate turns out to be idiotic at the draft, then I’ll be completely wrong. But I am prepared to withhold judgement until the end of this offseason.


2 thoughts on “WaPo – Soehn is back

  1. I think it’s good they at least brought him back. Let’s be honest- injuries killed this team, physically and morally and emotionally. They lost their will to play after several leaders went down, and a few players just had bad or unlucky years, despite their immense effort (like Fred and Simms, to a certain extent).

  2. Oops, I forgot the 2nd half of that statement!

    I was going to say that if Soehn can’t turn things around by 10 games into 2009, he should get the boot.

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