I Voted … and Here is What I Heard

I tried to vote all sportsmanlike.

I tried to vote all sportsmanlike.

Ed here …

… Overheard on my trip to the local polling place to cast my vote in the Presidential and Congressional elections, as well as various questions and referendums (referendi, referendumi, I don’t know).

1) A woman was waiting in line while her two young kids (one boy, one girl) were playing on the playground outside the church. Just before the woman was to enter the building, the boy came running:

Boy: Mom, Kayla hit her head.

Mom: She hit her head?

Boy: Yeah.

Mom: Is she OK?

Boy: Yeah.

Mom: Is she crying?

Boy: Yeah. … She hit her head!

Mom went running, found her daughter, who promptly blurted out, “Darrell hit me in the head!!!”

2) I went to the polling place proudly wearing my #39 black Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Parker jersey, after last night’s 23-6 whoopin’ of the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. While I was in line, I had several different interactions with folks:

a) The dude in front of me asked me how long Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was going to be out with his shoulder injury. He was a Cowboys fan, and was happy the Redskins lost, but unhappy the Cowboys had Brad Johnson as their backup quarterback instead of Byron Leftwich.

b) A dude about 20 people behind me was giving me a really dirty look every time I looked back. And he was the kind of dude that would have ended a fight with me with one punch, like when Andre the Giant knocks out the Albino in Princess Bride. I stopped looking that far back.

c) A little boy (maybe 4 years old) told his mom that I looked like a bumble bee.

d) In the polling place, I waited in line, showed my voter ID card, and got my card for the touch-screen voting machines. While waiting to be escorted to a machine, the election judge (a 20-something girl) joked, “You know you can’t vote here” … “here” of course being the heart of Baltimore Ravens country. I laughed and then said “Voter Fraud!” (with a smile). She let me vote all quick like after that and grudgingly gave me the “I Voted” sticker.

e) I got redemption at Giant later when, while walking out with my groceries, a nice woman stopped, rolled down her window and yelled, “Go Steelers!!!” That made my day.

But I’m proud that I voted. People will disagree on their votes and the final outcome, but that’s fine. Everyone can still go vote, and everyone should. It’s why this country is actually great.

… A bumble bee … ha.


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