Wenger is losing it

Folks – you can mark the date down. November 1, 2008 was officially the date when this Arsenal fan jumped off the Arsene Wenger bandwagon.

I think he has officially lost it. His stubbornness and refusal to engage in the transfer market has ceased to be eccentric and has become an intolerable drag on Arsenal’s performance.

To me, this run of results was always coming. Did I think it was going to come before Christmas? No, but with our lack of experienced depth, it was always going to happen. Not replacing Flamini was simply criminal. There is no other way of putting it. If Arsenal’s board doesn’t force him to strengthen this squad during the winter window, it will lead me to to question whether the tail is wagging the dog here. Arsenal are two players away from being a credible title challenger in the form of a central defender and a holding players. At this point, at this rate, we’re going to need to sign them just to try and fightback into Europe. If Wenger doesn’t relent, and somehow refuses to strengthen this team, then you have to think seriously about his ability to manage this team. There are other good managers out there. We have the resources to sign them. I am not saying it needs to come to that, but we at least need to be willing to think about it. I know I am.

I think Jose Mourinho would look great in red.


3 thoughts on “Wenger is losing it

  1. Mourinho?, Yes. Let’s bring in Mr. Boring, So what if he has won a CL Cup, What else has he done that’s so impressive?. Avram Grant did what he couldn’t -reach a final with Chelsea. Atleast wait until Jan to critise, Wenger didn’t expect the loss of Flamini to be this bad. You’ve got to remember, Rosicky and Eduardo were key last season. Just wait a while.

  2. I have no dog in this fight as my club is currently battling for promotion out of League One, but I love the mentality of fans who can say “So what if he has won a CL Cup, What else has he done that’s so impressive?” 🙂

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