SI: Beckham can bolt on contract after 09 season

Grant Wahl has the scoop: has learned from from multiple sources that Beckham’s contract allows him to walk away from the Galaxy after the ’09 season, two years earlier than any previous reports had stated.

Beckham does indeed have a five-year, $32.5 million contract with Major League Soccer (plus incentives and a percentage of jersey sales, among other things) that runs through the end of 2011. That’s not news.

But Beckham can opt out of the last two years if he so desires, according to a previously undisclosed clause in his contract.

After reading the story, I think the main conclusion you have to come to is that the Galaxy are operating under even more enormous pressure to win than we thought. While we didn’t know that Beckham had that option, the reality, as Wahl mentioned, is that if Beckham wanted to go at any time, he would be able to go. Yeah, it kind of exposes some of the 5-year talk as possible BS, but what’s new?

My question is, will this pressure to keep Beckham happy dribble down to MLS HQ. To what lengths would AEG try and force rule changes/loopholes to get the Galaxy good again? And, more importantly, would MLS HQ actually stop them?

If we suddenly see Del Piero and Shevchenko join Landon and Becks at the HDC, we’ll know the answer.


One thought on “SI: Beckham can bolt on contract after 09 season

  1. The problem with Beckham is that his economic benefit for the club has depreciated dramatically from his first (injury-plagued) year.

    The majority of the fans who are going to buy a Beckham jersey have already done so, and the majority of the one-timers who are going to buy tickets to watch David Beckahm play have already done so. While general attendance has increased since Beckham join the league, the idea that it will continue at the some rate is flawed.

    The other side of the coin is that if the Galaxy were to win MLS Cup next season, would David Beckham stick around after that or just say, “We did it! Good-bye. It’s time for me win the World Cup for England.”

    Your point about the League doing whatever it can to keep him, brings up another point, with regards to Landon Donovan. If the league wants it’s marquee player to with MLS Cup, then would it prevent Donovan from transferring overseas in an effort to give Beckham his trophy?

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