Pulling back the curtain

People often ask me how do you “do” a site like this. Many folks don’t realize how simple it is to pull off a blog like this both in terms of technical knowledge required and in terms of investment required.

So here is a chance to pull back the curtain and take a look into Fighting Talker HQ.

Here is my desk complete with laptop, second monitor, (hugely useful, btw), and other associated messes.

Here is my side of a shared whiteboard that I use right now to coordinate guest bookings for our podcast. If you can read my chickenscratch, you can even get some idea of who we’re trying to get on upcoming podcasts.

And finally, what office would be complete without a little bit of partisanship as my DC United pennants keeps watch over all that happens in consultant-land.

Seriously though, people often ask what software/services I use to put all this together. So here is a list, complete with links in case you want to investigate further.

The blog itself:

The podcast:

  • Podbean.com – They do the hosting and RSS creation for the podcast
  • Apple iTunes – They get it on to people’s ipods
  • Audacity – My editing software
  • Skype – How Ed and I can sound like we’re across the room when really we’re a long ways away
  • Pamela – Our Skype recording software

That’s about it really. I hope you have enjoyed this look deep into the dark recesses of Fighting Talker HQ. I am always available via email at the contact me page up top in case you ever want to exchange tips or ideas for this site or a site of your own.

Thanks once again for reading and tuning in.


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