New England nil, Chicag…. zzzzzzz

Well, that was a riproaring start to the MLS playofs last night, wasn’t it? New England, with some reason, went out just to bother and annoy Chicago and the Revs did exactly that. I watched the full 90 and couldn’t believe how little ambition New England showed. I guess Nicol is confident enough in his defense that he can lean on them like that. If United tried to lean on its defense like that, they’d lose 6-0.

One can only hope that Chicago comes out next week at home with all guns blazing. Because another 90 minutes of slop like yesterday will not do anyone any good – primarily because it might allow New England to win.


One thought on “New England nil, Chicag…. zzzzzzz

  1. I was stunned late in the second half when I saw a shot on goal.

    It got to the point where I was really just hoping there was going to be a scrap and some players would get sent off and a fork lift would run wild on the field and accidentally demolish Blanco.

    You know, if you can actually demolish people with fork lifts.

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