Re-doing ESPN’s US Soccer Intro

Take a look at CBC’s newest intro for Hockey Night in Canada. Forget about the music, the players you don’t recognize, etc. and just look at how they weave together the stars of now, recent times and more distant times into one thread. It connects younger viewers, older viewers, even Francophone and Anglophone viewers. But the main point is that it connects the present with the past.

My point is why can’t ESPN do its US Soccer production like this? US Soccer actually has some history (and good history, at that), so why do we have to see an exploding soccer ball? Why does ESPN always have to make it look like American soccer was invented yesterday. Here ESPN, I’ll make it easy for you. Here are some things you should include in the montage.

  • Caliguiri @ T&T
  • Waldo v. Switzerland
  • McBride v. Guatemala
  • Ramos v. Costa Rica
  • Keller making a save against Romario
  • Stewart v. Mexico
  • Any goal from 2002, take your pick
  • Feilhaber v. Mexico

There, most of them are ESPN broadcasts, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding them. Stop treating every US Soccer fan like they’re morons and cannot remember anything from more than 20 mins ago.


3 thoughts on “Re-doing ESPN’s US Soccer Intro

  1. Couple things.

    1) The ironic thing about the HNIC comparison is that this is the new open that at least, before it debuted, nobody wanted. CBC ditched the classic Hockey Night in Canada theme music prior to this season, which was greeted with much dismay from hardcore fans. Old theme linked here:

    For the record, I like the new visuals, but the old song better.

    2) ESPN treats everything as if it was invented 20 minutes ago. When USC was on top of the college football world there for a bit, proclaimed them college football’s greatest ever team. Weeks later, when they lost to Oregon State (I believe), stated on the front page that “surprised USC fell? We aren’t.”

    In an odd way, we should feel fortunate that soccer has measured up to other sports at ESPN in that we get the same goofy opens and such as they do.

    Gone are the days when ESPN could intro a big college football game, for example, with just some panoramic camera views, good music, and a graphic telling you who’s playing.

    Now it’s all about exploding helmets, exploding soccer balls, exploding poker chips and exploding bowling balls.

  2. Part of the problem with putting together a great clip of soccer moments is that for so many of them, the camera angles are pretty shotty. Unless there’s a World Cup that ESPN/ABC are getting a feed from, ESPN doesn’t film soccer in order to view highlights. This is probably because you don’t get a lot of opportunities to show replays during the games.

    As for putting together a montage of goals, they should also add in some vicious tackles that US players have suffered. Such as:

    + Showing Brian McBride covered in blood vs Italy in 2006.
    + Cobi Jones getting jacked up vs Mexico in 2002.

    Just don’t show Claudio Renya crumbling to the ground vs Ghana in 2006.

    The tackles will make soccer look much tougher and make the goals look that much better.

    As for you list above, I think you should add in the “That’s why he’s here” goal from Mathis or one of Fredel’s penalty saves during the 2002 World Cup.

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