Playoff Thoughts

The air has turned cold, the leaves have turned brown, and the TFC front office is busy trying to sign Leyton Orient’s top scorer while hitting off the third tee. That’s right, it’s the MLS playoffs. Let’s take a look at the matchups.  First off it’s Chicago and New England. Just a couple weeks ago I would’ve said that could be a competitive and interesting series. Now, after the rash of injuries and suspensions that the Revs have suffered, I suspect Chicago will roll thus doing us all the service of preventing Steve Nicol from ruining another cup final. Right now Chicago looks to be firing all guns blazing again after their demolition and near-elimination (cue sobbing from DC fans) of the Red Bulls. Prediction: Fire advances easily.

Next in the east, it’s Columbus facing Kansas City. This sorts out as the battle of MLS’ best team over the regular season with its hottest team at this moment. Columbus fans have likely only just finished celebrating their Supporters Shield win, only stopping now to re-engage in their favorite activities watching Wall to Wall Sports, driving too slowly down Rt. 315 and penning witty missives to yours truly.* We all know Columbus’ history when favored going into playoff series. Maybe we don’t, so let me summarize – they tend to stink. I am going to stick by my pledge that Columbus would bomb out of the playoffs early. Prediction: KC advances after a penalty shootout.

Now to the west, where we start with Houston versus New York. Even more than the Chicago-NE series, this one shouldn’t be that close. The Dynamo haven’t lost in the league since August and New York is the beneficiary of good luck overcoming rank incompetence, and somehow.. despite winning only twice since Labor day, they have qualified for the playoffs. (Cue more sobbing.) If Houston ever surrenders the lead in this series, I’ll be surprise. Houston in a walk.

Oh boy, welcome to the annual series with absolutely nothing interesting about it. To use the technical term, Chivas is “eh,” and RSL is “eh.” RSL will have the better home field advantage and better goalkeeper in Nick Rimando. Therefore, RSL it is for the privilege of getting crushed on the road at Houston the next week. I kid, but this series really could be a close one, unlike at least two of the others. It might be worth tuning in…. Eh. I doubt it.

* Point taken – most of that joke made sense to no more than 10 people.


5 thoughts on “Playoff Thoughts

  1. THE annual series with nothing interesting? Ugh. I disagree. None of them interest me in the least, and not just because Untied are out. Here’s why:

    Revs-Fire: Revs are missing about 14 players, and are coming in off a terrible stretch. This leads me to believe that Chicago should stroll. I also am not interested at watching a Nationally-Broadcast, Primetime Thursday game at Gillette Stadium. It is cold tonight in NE (I live here but refuse to attend any Revs game unless United are the away team), so there should be a good 6,000+ tonight. That’s a great way to hook non-fans.
    Plus, I am just sick of watching Blanco flop around the pitch like a salmon trying to find its way downstream. And Chris Rolfe looks like a 15-year-old lesbian girl.

    Wiz-Crew: Crew play a borrriinnggg style of soccer. Wizards just don’t interest me int he least, what with their stadium and their players. Again, poor attendance will be a factor to add tot he boring in this series. Crew Stadium will get maybe 10,000.

    NY-Houston- Frankly, I’m just too pissed that another team stole United’s rightful place. Plus, Houston will most likely win this by an aggregate score of at least +4.

    Chivas-RSL- The only exciting thing is Rio Tinto stadium.

  2. Aaron, you’re just jealous that Dom never invited you to be in the audience and you missed the free food. Say what you will but I think Columbus gets past KC. I think we’ve got the right blend of experience ( Moreno, Schelotto, Frankie) and youth (Rogers, Gaven, Ekpo, etc.) to have a good shot to advance. With OSU being away for the second leg of KC in C-bus I anticipate a good crowd. If we win and host the conference finals, it looks like it’ll be a Thursday night game which could suck.

  3. I hope the rest of the playoff series are more scintillating than the garbage tonight between the Fire and Revs. It only got interesting late because I thought there might be a fight and folks could get sent off.

    And Houston needs to beat New York 39-0 on aggregate.

    Actually, no. 39-1. That way New York has to live with the fact they were good enough to score one and still lose the series by 38 goals.

  4. Wow, it continually amazes me on the one hand how good Archer is at general “journalism” writing vis a vis how much of a complete toolbag he is on the boards. What a total dipshit homer. Why on earth would anyone make that up?

  5. The Crew play boring? They were second in the league in goals, third in shots and allowed the most shots in the league. I’ve watched a number of their games and rarely been bored, considering the number of pinpoint services by Schelotto and some of the fantastic goals scored by guys like Rogers and Evans.

    Also, I’ll be pretty stunned if there’s less than 10,000 fans at the home playoff game.

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