Smokebomb Thrown Towards United Fans at Crew Stadium

During the middle of the Crew-United match, a lighted smokebomb was thrown into the section containing the Screaming Eagles and Barra Brava. I saw it myself. The bomb was yellow, on fire, and mercifully did not hurt the person whose face it apparently struck. How a Crew fan with a burning smokebomb was allowed to 1) get that close to the United fans, 2) throw that flare into a section of spectators without being chased down by security is an absolute mystery to me. This isn’t message board chatter or whispered rumor. I saw the object land in our section with my own eyes.

The lack of security around the United fans was worrying from minute-one. Befrore the game, a group of Turbina Amarilla members came by to taunt the United fans from the upper concourse. It was good-natured so I didn’t think twice about it because nothing was thrown and no one wanted to make any trouble. But it was a hint that there was not nearly the required security around the visiting fans. Because of the Crew’s ignorance of even basic security procedures, someone could have been very easily hurt or even maimed Sunday by the thrown smokebomb.


5 thoughts on “Smokebomb Thrown Towards United Fans at Crew Stadium

  1. Sorry to hear that, stadium security has been an issue all year especially when away fans are concerned. The now infamous West Ham incident should have been an eye opener that security around any large contingent of home or away fans should be beefed up. As a Crew fan I’d like to apologize for the incident. We all engage in some good natured taunting but something like this that could have hurt someone is unacceptable.

  2. Everytime I walked by along the top concourse you had at least 6-8 stadium security and ushers standing at the top of the section you guys were in.

  3. Rich, yes security around the home supporters was adequate. I wasn’t very clear in my statement. The WHU incident highlighted the need for more security around the home supporters section but security has failed to do much in the way of monitoring away support (for their protection and for their own actions) throughout the season.

  4. Sorry to hear about this as well, if true. But I will say La Turbina didn’t “come over to taunt you.” That it La Turbina’s normal route into the stadium. They go the same way every time, coming up the stairs at the South End and then parading around the concourse to get to the Nordecke.

  5. I wasn’t bothered by la turbina they seemed good natured in their jovial procession. In fact it was interesting to see another group parade by us and I didn’t feel any feelings of hostility above and beyond what the matchup called for.

    The firework was rediculous. A police report should have been filed. I will personally be writing to the head of security/stadium staff to complain. Only minutes before our fans had been swarmed because one of our fans had angrily thrown a beer cup onto the field level (not the field the field level). 5-10 minutes later when the firework was thrown there was noone to be found.

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