Weekend Review

Goldberg v. Gruenebaum - whos the worse Semitic shot-stopper

Goldberg v. Gruenebaum - who's the worse Semitic shot-stopper

Let’s start with United, where a combination of a last-second winner in KC and Danny Cepero scoring past the worst Jewish goalkeeper since Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks, has made a United’s prospects of making playoffs a plausible, if not likely, possibility. Interesting weekend, eh?

Look, everyone is going to spend the entire week overanalyzing the prospects of NY and KC losing. The fact is that no one can predict just how seriously the reserves of Chicago and New England are going to take their respective matches. It sounds hideous to say this, but United’s playoff chances have really come down to a poisonous cocktail of laziness, luck, and Doug Warren. That said, it’s no one’s fault but United’s that they are in that position – getting one league win in the final two months of the regular season will do that. The news from Europe, after the jump.

  • Juande Ramos could not be more doomed at Tottenham after a loss at Stoke has clinched their worst start in club history. Ramos himself has now admitted that he doesn’t know if he still has the confidence of the club, and really, it’s a matter of time until he goes. If they don’t do something soon, and do something that actually works to improve the performances of the team – Spurs will go down this season. And how I’ll laugh.
  • Hull beat West Ham to move to third in the Premiership. You read that correctly. True, it hasn’t been pretty. They have a goal differential of zero right now. We’ll see just how real they are after consecutive matches next week against Chelsea and Manchester United.
  • Atletico followed tradition and found a way not to win Sunday’s Madrid derby. (They are winless in 14 matches against Real.) Sid Lowe puts it best when he calls them, “the team that just can’t help themselves from not so much falling on their sword as taking a running jump off a cliff and plummeting 100ft on to its glistening blade.”
  • Jose Mourinho says he wants to return to England – That makes sense. There are a lot of reasons why a manager like Jose would rather be there. But where would he go? I don’t Chelsea would just jettison Big Phil for Jose to return. Is he angling for the Manchester United job once Ferguson retires? If Ferguson wants to handpick someone else, where would he go? It’s hard to see Wenger leaving Arsenal for any reason. Could Manchester City go get him if Mark Hughes proves too “low-profile?” No doubt, the odds on favorite for Jose is Man Utd. We’ll see how Fergie likes the seven months of questioning about his and Mourinho’s future.
  • According to Patrick Barclay of the Telegraph, England now has what it takes to win the 2010 World Cup. Really? Are wins over Kazakhstan and Belarus all it takes to get that bandwagon started again? We can win it? It’s beyond parody.
  • Crowd problems at Arsenal v. Everton. It looks like Arsenal fans in the upper deck were throwing items at the away fans.  … and it looks like there were some fights as well.

One thought on “Weekend Review

  1. Considering that Goldberg won the gold medal in the junior goodwill games in D2 I’d say he has more hardware to his name than our Hebrew Hammer.

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