What else can you say but “wow?”

I’m shocked. I’m stunned. I’m thrilled. I’m even starting to think about possibly heading to Columbus.

Even after Ralston’s injury last week, if you had asked what odds I’d put on DC United actually winning last night, I’d have said 50/1 – seriously.

Who could’ve thought that a United team could beat a good New England outfit despite Emilio looking terrible and Moreno and Fred gutting it through injuries?

Who could’ve thought that a team that had for large portions of the season looked like they’d rather be anywhere on the field would find the character to come from behind?

Who could’ve thought that RB castoff Francis Doe would score twice including a great goal where lit up Michael “WE BETTER CAP HIM BEFORE HE BECOMES THE IRISH GIUSEPPE ROSSI!” Parkhurst like the proverbial rented mule?

And the amazing thing is, it doesn’t even look like DC needs that much in the way of good results elsewhere to make the Columbus game next week into a win-and-you’re-in situation.

I am still completely stunned that United pulled that off. All night after the DC game (and the Caps comeback) I was just babbling incoherency to myself.  DC sports fans rarely have moments like last night.

What a night.

Bring on the weekend. Bring on the Crew.


8 thoughts on “What else can you say but “wow?”

  1. I am surprised by Francis Doe more than the result. NE has nothing to play for and always seems to trail off at the end of the season.

    Granted, I still expected a loss. Seriously though, even against a Columbus team with absolutely nothing to play for, this team has no shot at winning that contest.

  2. What I find even more impressive is that Ives is asking Red Bull fans whether Thursday was the worst day in Metro/Red Bull history:

    + Parke and Conway are suspended for failing a drug test.

    + United leapfrogs them into a Playoff position due to the play of a Red Bull castaway.

    Crazy! It’s as if the Red Bulls don’t control their own destiny anymore.

  3. I think Crayton gives us all heart attacks, but they’re still better than the heart attacks Zach Wells would give us. At least Crayton knows what he’s doing, and does it intentionally.

  4. I wish we’d seen that effort through most of the last few months.

    Unfortunately, New York’s win with its utterly improbable keeper goal and KC’s win at the death was an unwelcome splash of cold water to the face.

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