I think I made the wrong choice last night…

… because I watched the debate last night… and oh, was it boring. But after watching the highlights of the USA here are my brief thoughts on the result against T&T. (I expect Ed will have more on this today).

  • Maurice Edu had a simply shocking performance. Ives was playing the Edu Giveaway Drinking Game and for his readers’ livers’ sake, I hope he canceled it midway through.  What is it about that defensive midfield role under Bob Bradley that makes seemingly competent players like Michael Bradley and Edu turn into idiots?
  • I’ve always been very high on Charlie Davies and I really liked his performance last night. I still think he may have to learn how to play out wide in order to elbow his way into the first team. But the raw materials are clearly there with him, aren’t they?
  • The defense looked quite shaky, though considering how little time this group had to “get to know each other,” I am willing to overlook it.
  • Chris Rolfe… sigh. Really?
  • Is anyone else ready to end the Heath Pearce experience? I think I am.

Steve has a good recap of where things stand over at the Insider and he makes an interesting point I hadn’t thought of.

Strange as it may sound, the Americans were better off losing tonight. Yes, losing. They’d much rather face T&T twice in the final round than Guatemala. Think about it: No concerns about where to play the home match — with Guatemala in the mix, you have to choose the venue carefully — and, let’s be honest, a full-strength USA squad would not be troubled on the road in festive Port of Spain against a very mediocre T&T team.

He’s right. We would rather have Trinidad than Guatemala in the final round – no doubt about it.

So in conclusion, it wasn’t a brilliant night for the US or even for too many individuals out there. But the nice thing about having clinched is that these guys will get another chance to show their stuff in Denver.

I did get to see the last few minutes of the Mexico-Canada game. Seriously, how funny was it to see Mexicans absolutely freezing their rears off out there in Edmonton? Well done to Canada for their historic draw.


4 thoughts on “I think I made the wrong choice last night…

  1. Re: Heath Pearce, he had a pretty good game against Cuba. Easy to do, I know. But what’s interesting to me is that before the Cuba match, there were lots of comments out there in various venues (BS, blogs, comments on newspaper articles) about how awful he was and how we should stop using him. Then, after the Cuba match, there were lots of comments out there (BS, blogs, comments on newspaper articles, Harkes, the always-correct Steven Cohen, etc.) about how great he was and how he was the left back of the future. I DVRed, but haven’t had a chance to watch, last night’s match yet; so I dunno how he played. I guess from your post he didn’t look so good.

  2. Re: Heath Pearce too.

    I didn’t watch the match, so I can’t comment on his play, but if you’re calling out the defense for bad play, but giving them a pass for not having time to gel, then it’s somewhat difficult to single out a particular player in defense and say that the he had a bad game.

    The comfort each player has on the field is directly related to the players he has around them. If Pearce is unsure of where his teammates are on the field or what they’re likely to do, then he’s going to change his game (whether good or bad).

    It’s like blaming stikers for not scoring, when the midfielder’s aren’t giving them the ball.

  3. Drop Pearce. He will be utterly destroyed by teams outside of CONCACAF in the World Cup. Unfortunately, there’s not much depth at the position, but I really don’t think he can handle it. Could we maybe convert someone from a position with a lot of depth?

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