Various Thoughts on Various Subjects

Ed here.

No, this isn’t an ode to former BigSoccer poster VariousStyles. But I did have a few things to share on a few different subjects so I thought I would get them all off my chest here. Not that anyone wants to see my bare chest. More after the jump …

United: In a lot of situations, I don’t think many people would complain about a 0-0 draw at Houston. I won’t get into what happened in the postgame. I think that’s been covered and I hope the Houston front office takes the appropriate steps to not only make sure that the fan involved never attends again, but that the rest of the crowd is smart enough not to commit the same mistake (and I think 99% of them are). Given the lineup situation and the injuries and the efforts that many of the reserve players put in for the draw at Saprissa on Thursday night, I have to love getting any kind of result at Houston.

Look, in the podcast a couple weeks back, I said I thought United would make the playoffs. It wouldn’t be right to go away from that, though games played since then have obviously changed the scenarios. I can’t very well argue with anyone who thinks United won’t make it – you can name of a dozen reasons why they won’t and it would be hard to put up a fight. But when a friend asked last night what I thought, I repeated the same I said in the Podcast. You can’t assume any results for any team in the league beyond Columbus and Houston – and United just tied Houston. There’s no team in the rest of the league that you would look at and say, they are going to seize command and a wild card spot in the final couple weeks. United doesn’t still have a shot because they are any good. They still have a shot because most of the league is really bad. It won’t be surprising at all to most when United are eliminated, but until they’re buried, I’m going to be a bit of an idiot and maintain some hope.

USA-Cuba: Attending my first US game as a fan (I attended many as media), I can’t say I’m disappointed with a 6-1 win. I wasn’t expecting that the US would give up a goal, and when it was 4-1, I felt the Americans had left some goals on the field potentially. But the two late goals I thought took care of that, and 6-1 was a fine result in my book. It’s still all about surviving and advancing at the core, and the US has now done that. The last two games are the time to look at younger players, give them some quality time, and deepen the available talent for the next round. This is the best possible scenario for the US, and in my own humble opinion, I can’t be happier with the way it worked out.

Capitals: I am a huge hockey fan (perhaps more so than soccer), and had a chance to attend the Caps game vs. Vancouver last night. I can safely say it was a game unlike any I’ve attended in the 22 years since my first game, as Vancouver managed just 10 shots (the 10th a meaningless soft drive from the blue line in the final 2 seconds), and the Caps dominated to the tune of 5-1. It struck me during the game, as I inevitably worried about Vancouver somehow rallying from deficits of 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, etc., that it takes me a long time to accept the fact that this Caps team is actually good. I’m used to failure in recent years, and perhaps that was reinforced last year with the Game 7 overtime loss to the Filth. But if the Caps play most of their games working as hard as they did last night all over the ice, they are going to be a very difficult team to beat.

Football: No truth to the rumor that the Cowboys have so many players hurt this week that I will be starting at fullback. … On the college level; how ’bout them Rockets???


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