Portland appears to be leading the way for next MLS expansion franchise

… and rightly so. I think Portland is the perfect untapped market right now for MLS. It’s USL team is well-supported and well-known throughout the community. They have that rarest of things, an actual history to tap into when marketing the team, and they have a potential gem of a stadium right in downtown Portland and accessible by mass-transit. On top of all that, they have the kind of demographics that should suit MLS very well.

MLS Rumors got their hands on some reasonably tasty documents from the Portland MLS effort and here were the two red flags I saw:

  1. This whole Portland MLS plan hinges on the AAA Portland Beavers getting approval for their own new stadium. In this current financial environment, is that so easy? One hopes that all the momentum that appears to have gathered in favor of a Portland MLS bid isn’t ruined because of minor league baseball.
  2. It appears that the Portland State football team will share the renovated PGE park with the Portland MLS team. That’s pretty disappointing. Is it enough of a negative for MLS to downgrade their expansion bid compared to others like St. Louis, Montreal, or egad, even Ottawa? I don’t know the answer to that.

One thought on “Portland appears to be leading the way for next MLS expansion franchise

  1. I’m surprised that Montreal and New York have yet to submit bids. Those are my 2 and 3 choices, respectively (Portland is number one).

    Where exactly in New York are they planning to build a potential stadium? I like the idea, but is it even reasonable?

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