The Dawn of a New Day

I bet Ovechkin gets more than 0 points in 3 games.
I bet Ovechkin gets more than 0 points in 3 games.

Ed here.

So, I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of purpose and a brighter outlook on the world. I feel like today is the day that everything is going to turn around – hope springs eternal and it’s almost like I feel reborn.

Later tonight, of course, D.C. United play in Costa Rica against Saprissa in the CONCACAFAFAFAFAFAF Champions League. Of course, the Champions League (and everything else for that matter) hasn’t gone well lately for our favorite soccer team.

Saprissa is no dog of a team. The club has already won at mighty RFK in the first game of this round-robin, and things haven’t improved from there, as United lost their other two matches and sit bottom of the group with 0 wins, 0 points, and well, yeah, 0 goals.

The league hasn’t been much better, as evidenced by losing that 3-0 heartbreaker to Chivas USA on Saturday at RFK. United visits Houston on Sunday, and given the recent form of the Dynamo, you can probably chalk that up as being a tough day for United to get a result.

But no matter what has happened in the past – I really feel like everything is about to change and that a new positive wave is going to sweep over the land.

Why, you ask?

Because, after some games in foreign countries over the weekend, the National Hockey League gets started across the US and Canada today. And for that, I am grateful. The Caps open tomorrow night in Atlanta, then come home Saturday night (at the same damn time as the US-Cuba match, the fuckers) to raise last year’s division title banner and hopefully explodify the Chicago Blackhawks and that traitor little bastard Cristobal Huet.

If nothing else, hockey will take my mind off what has been mostly a train wreck of an MLS season.
Anything will do at this point.


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