Why does writing about the USMNT make people stoopid?

So based on one squad selection for nearly-meaningless qualifiers, Karthik says:

However with Bradley’s wooing of Jose Francisco Torres and latest squad selection I believe Coach Bradley “gets it.” He realizes despite the results our play in recent qualifiers has been subpar and will not translate to results in the Hexagonal. I believe Bradley has come to the conclusion that he needs to set the team up the way Bruce Arena did.

Then they go on to explain how this squad selection clearly means that now Bradley is going to start Freddy (which even I, Freddy defender extraorinaire, think is premature) in the hex. Umm, aren’t we reading an awful lot into one squad selection? I for one am going to take the extremely unorthodox approach of waiting until we see how and who the USA plays before claiming that Cheatin’ Bob has seen the light.

How does Bradley’s mere selection of certain guys prove that he has undergone a total tactical sea-change?

Karthik’s logic on this post reminds me of the old South Park underwear gnomes bit:
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3 thoughts on “Why does writing about the USMNT make people stoopid?

  1. If Bradley were going to set the lineup the same way that Bruce Arena did, he would first have to start with at least seven players that passed their prime five years ago.

  2. I’ve also heard a lot of people say this is our strongest line-up. I tend to disagree here. While it may be an exciting roster based on thr inclusion of some of the Nation’s better young player, saying that it is the strongest is quite premature.

    Spefically, this roster has not been tested. Nor have the young players coming in performed all that well over the last few years.

    Altidore, for example, has the physical capabilities to be a great striker. But the same can be said of Eddie Johnson.

    Freddy Adu may have the skill to be a great playmaker, but he’s inconsistent and has trouble earning playing time with his club teams.

    I’m really looking forward to watching some new faces on Saturday, but simply calling up young “stars” does not mean it’s better than the past roster.

    Hell, when Theo Walcott went to the World Cup, England fans were excited… And looked at how that turned out.

  3. What this clown doesn’t seem to grasp is that Arena “set things up” pretty much the exact same way.

    He knew the name of the game was to qualify and they don’t give style points.

    As for the results “translating” into something or other, well, we’re going to the WC finals.

    End of story.

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