Is this the strangest jersey of all time?

This is the home shirt of Paris’ top rugby team, Stade Francais.

According to the Guardian, this Warhol-esque design features Blanche de Castille – wife of Louis VIII and mother to Louis IX. This latest shirt from the club and its publicity-hungry president comes on the heels of  other attention-grabbers including bright pink away shirts, brown away shirts covered with flowers, and blue home jerseys with lighting bolts.

I certainly have to give them credit for the moxie. The pink is one thing. And if your macho enough, any guy can pull of pink. But it takes a special kind of guy to look tough with Blanche de Casille on your shirt… even in Paris.

I should also stress that Stade Francais is no minor league team. They’re the biggest rugby team in France’s capital city and will feature in this years Heineken Cup, rugby’s European Champions League.

So folks, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Is this the strangest jersey of all time?

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