Is Soehn actually worse than we think?

Talking to folks before the last couple of matches, it’s clear that supporters have reached the conclusion that Coach Tom Soehn must go, even if he is not the primary architect of United’s demise this season. I think we can all agree that they players have quit on him and need a new voice in their ears.

But the more I think about things, I think that Soehn might be even worse than that. Take a moment and answer this question – who amongst DC United players have improved since Soehn has been here?

I cannot really think of one. The only name that even remotely comes to mind is Clyde Simms, and that might just be a matter of him not regressing as everyone around him does.

On the topic of players who regressed under Soehn, what do you think of this surely incomplete list of players who appeared to go to shambles or flatline under Soehn’s tutelage.

  • Brian Carroll – His form plummeted last season leading to his exposure to the expansion Earthquakes and eventually on to the Crew where he has thrived and and led the league-leading Crew in minutes-played.
  • Bobby Boswell – His form and mentality also plummeted last season. Clearly he was struggling. Everyone could see that. Was the best answer to ship him off to Houston where he too has thrived and led the team in minuted-played.
  • Fred – He came here as a central attacking midfielder trying to learn how to play wide and he remains a central attacking midfielder trying to learn how to play wide. Does he wander into the middle less? No. Has his scoring touch improved? No, it’s gotten demonstrably worse.
  • Anybody else who has ever played in our defense including McTavish, Burch, et al. Is any one of them a better player than they were last season? Probably not.
  • Dyachenko – This might be a bad example but has Rod gotten any better over the past two seasons? It’s safe to say the answer to that is a resounding no.
  • Namoff – He has gone from a potential US option at outside back to a stumbling shell of his former self. Why?

Could Soehn be a far more malignant force on this team than we orginally thought? Dave seems to think that is the case, at least with the defense. The more I think about it, I am inclined to agree. What element or single component of this team has improved over the past two seasons? I cannot think of a single one. While that can be in part on the front office, you can’t blame them for the clear regression of performance by players on this team for both the last two years.

That is coaching, clear and simple.


2 thoughts on “Is Soehn actually worse than we think?

  1. While giving no credit to Soehn, you have to admit that Jaime and Tino improved their play dramatically this year.

    Jaime also became a fairly strong captain this year. That type of leadership was glaringly missing from last year’s squad.

    I personally believe that those two found their own reasons to improve and that Soehn had nothing to do with it. However, they did improve on his watch.

  2. If anything, the efforts at Saprissa and at Houston proves that while this team doesn’t have a whole lot of talent available to play, the players have clearly NOT given up or quit on the coach.

    I tend to think that since we’re still 90% likely missing the playoffs, the coach will probably be fired–after all, it’s a great way for the FO to dodge accountability–I’m not so sure he SHOULD be.

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