Now, it’s truly over

I’ll have more tomorrow after I get the taste of vomit out of my mouth.


4 thoughts on “Now, it’s truly over

  1. I dunno about July. But after the USOC win over Charleston at the very beginning of September, I told people “enjoy this, because that’s it. Looking at our schedule from here on out, I don’t know that I see any wins.” I suppose a part of me held a bit of hope about the home Dallas match and last night’s match at that point.

  2. It’s sort of over. It’s kind of like watching an elderly relative who is in an unrecoverable coma. The relative isn’t going to get any better and death is inevitable but he or she isn’t clinically dead yet.

    I thought that this team could get it together if everyone was healthy. With the exception of Emilio and a suspended Moreno we pretty much had a first choice side out there against a Chivas team without Razov and Galindo up front. Unfortunately, they gave us one of the most shameful performances in team history. No one should be safe for next season.

  3. Seriously? A first choice side?

    I don’t think Fred has been fit in weeks, we’re starting guys on LOAN from USL-2

    Not to knock them, but they are on loan from USL-2. Not exactly a “First Choice” on any day.

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