Torres decides to play for USA

This is great news.

Jose Francisco Torres, the Texas-born midfielder who has spent five years in the Pachuca system and is eligible for both the U.S. and Mexican national programs, has accepted an invitation to play for the United States and will be at training camp in Washington starting Monday.

Now, I am not going to sit here an say that Torres will be a leader for the USA for the next decade. Hell, he might not even be any good. But it’s a very good thing to finally win another (after Orozco) one of these eligibility tug-of-wars. That said, I’ve seen Torres play quite a bit and I think he could be a contributor on the national team.

Now, if we could just go get Neven Subotic to commit. I suspect though, he is holding out to see if he can play for Germany. If Germany decides not to have him either for soccer or eligibilty reasons, I hope he’ll pick the US over his other options, Croatia and Serbia.

Unlike many of the Yanks Abroad obsessives, I don’t immediately assume that guys like Torres or Subotic will automatically leapfrog ahead of current US starters just based on their seeing regular time in the Mexican or German league. But any move that conceivably gives the USA more depth and more options is a very, very good thing.

Well done to Bradley, Gulati and the whole gang for getting it done.


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