What soccer websites can’t I live without?

EPLTalk poses an interesting question today. What soccer websites can you not live without?

For the most part, you can find mine to the right in the blogroll. But here are my Top 3.

  1. Guardian Football Unlimited – The best writing and best podcast about English soccer bar-none. Proves that sports, even pompous ones like soccer and F1, can be covered by professionals with a sense of humor.
  2. BBC Radio 5 – When it’s not blacking-out live commentaries, Radio 5 is the best place for breaking soccer news and commentary as events happen. If you wanted to hear idiot Newcastle fans live as their club sunk into disarray, there was no better place.
  3. Dan Loney’s Blog – The funniest voice in American soccer. He also isn’t prone to the constant bouts of hyperbole, navel-gazing, and chicken-little’ism that drives so much American soccer commentary.

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