Another Plucky Loss

Now that really could’ve gone worse. That DC was robbed of a 0-0 draw by an unlucky goal despite putting out a lineup that arguably only included one preseason starter is, in fact, a great (if slightly Pyrrhic) achievement.

To be honest, neither team was any good last night. United was probably just slightly worse than the very small sum of their parts and Cruz Azul were mind-numbingly awful. Neither team could complete a decent final pass to save their lives.

Overall, it was such a mediocre night for everyone involved. Remember when we used to get excited for Concacaf matches, especially against Mexican teams? Those days seem so far behind us.

Next up it’s Saturday’s home match against Chivas USA. Will Gallardo play? Does it really matter? From where I sit, United needs a lot of help even if they were to (inexplicably) win the rest of their league matches. Plus, after Sunday’s disinterested performance in Dallas, are we even sure they care at this point?


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