Setanta Sports comes to American cable

It’s true. Setanta Sports is starting to get distribution on cable systems. I can tell you this because my own cable provider, Cox Communications, has announced they are adding it on October 8th. It’s categorized with channels like HBO and Showtime, which means folks will have to pay even more to recieve it.

Imagine this statement only a few years ago, today American TV viewers can recieve three channels either devoted entirely, or devoted primarily to showing soccer.

I will be curious to see if people around here subscribe, and if they do, how it will affect local soccer bars like Kitty’s and Summers.

Even I am not sure I want to an extra $15 or so a month (that’s a guess) for one channel. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Setanta Sports comes to American cable

  1. It’s been available on DirecTV for quite a while; and yeah, it’s a premium channel there too. Presumably that’s a Setanta thing, and not a dish or cable company thing. I’ve never purchased it.

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