It’s the First-Ever Fighting Talk Podcast!

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the big night. It’s the first ever Fighting Talker Podcast. In tonight’s episode, Ed and Aaron take on such subjects as:

  • DC United’s struggles
  • The Crew – truly good or typically counterfeit
  • Fox Soccer Channel – the horror, the horror

We’re aware there are some issues:

  • It’s too long. That’s my fault. We may need to structure this more than I had originally intended.
  • The audio quality is strange. Maybe I should’ve spent more than $25 on a microphone because I sound even squeakier than usual. I am going to try and fix this for Show 2.

But it’s a start. It will surely get better.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what think by commenting below.



7 thoughts on “It’s the First-Ever Fighting Talk Podcast!

  1. Fun show.

    The English guy on Super Sunday + is Gary Richards. He’s a former QPR player and 1/2 of the 2G’s. Unfortunately, he’s never on his own radio show, seemingly having been permanently replaced by someone even more of an Anglo-poseur than Christian Miles (Peter Brown).

    Oh, and be careful about trashing southerners. Someday you might find yourself having to do some Imus-like groveling for forgiveness for those types of comments.

    The Falls Church General District Court is a zoo. Both the courtroom and the parking lot are way too small.

  2. A Team theme music works well for you. Your Crew analysis isn’t far off from what a lot of long time Crew fans think. Remember back to 2004, I know Columbus won the Supporters Shield and looked like a contender but reflect on the number a bit. The Crew finished 12-5-13 with 49 pts. that season and seeing all those ties doesn’t exactly paint the Crew as a dominant team that year. In fact, it probably had more to do with pure luck considering that Greg was at the helm. Fast forward to today, Columbus is 14-6-5 (47 pts.) and has been a picture of consistency during the season. Anything can happen in the playoffs but to base the Crews possible post season success on its past failures doesn’t add up. Anyways, love the site and the podcast is a cool idea. I still think Bucks on Bucks is your finest broadcast work.

  3. It was great that when Aaron brought up Kevin Keegan’s bluster, he almost slipped and said Kevin Keegan’s blunder.

    So fitting. 🙂

  4. It’ll never quite match Bux on Bux – especially technically. We had a full radio studio full of studio-quality equipment and acoustic material… I currently have a $25 microphone, my company-issued laptop and sit on my living room couch.

  5. Decent microphones are expensive as hell. For quite a while now, the best bang for the buck for capturing voice have been Shure SM58s.

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