Champions League Thoughts

Theres nothing quite like a Champions League night in Bayamon.

There's nothing quite like a Champions League night in Bayamon.

Ed here. I watched a good bit of the CONCACAFAFAFAFAFAFAF Champions League matches last night on FSC and Galavision. Why? Well, because the Cubs weren’t on and Dirty Jobs was a repeat.

And, well, it’s soccer. So in some weird way, I feel compelled to watch – even if I’m completely convinced at this point that this tournament is going to treat DC United like a baby treats a diaper (old Cheers line there).

If you don’t want to know last night’s results because you taped them, DVR’ed them, Tivo’ed them, or whatever, then don’t read below the jump. I seriously doubt there are any of you out there that taped Cruz Azul/Saprissa to watch later – but hey, I don’t want to make anybody mad. So go on down there below the jump and read on as I reflect on last night’s results and note tonight’s action in the Champions League.

* Houston 0, San Francisco 0

My first reaction when I turned this game on was to wonder when San Francisco got a team, or what level of the USL the club was in, and how, in that case, they were holding off the Dynamo for so long. Then I remembered that San Francisco was in fact a team from Panama or some such place, which made me even wonder more how they were holding off the Dynamo for so long. Houston never could get the breakthrough goal – and while it seems that road points or ones to be savored in this competition, I kinda thought Houston would get a better result in this spot.

* Cruz Azul 4, Saprissa 0

So, riddle me this, Joker. United fall to Saprissa in DC last week, then Saprissa goes into the Estadio Azul and gets taken behind the woodshed, 4-0? Cruz Azul got goals from four different players, including three in a 12-minute span in the second half. Every time I turned the game back on last night, they had scored again. Had I just flipped back and forth all night, they might have bagged 10. (Reminds me of the old George Carlin line about how he’d never bagged a 10, but he did bag five 2s once. Anyway.) … This does not hold much hope for United getting anything out of this CL group. The black-and-red are at Marathon tonight, who you may remember, already beat Cruz Azul, 2-0. It is going to be difficult to go on the road in this group and get anything at all, it appears – well, unless you’re Saprissa (or perhaps either of the other teams) playing at United.


* Puerto Rico 3, Santos 1

On one hand, you can make the argument that this game should have been stopped. We saw a postponement earlier this season in MLS between United and Houston when the pitch got waterlogged. The pitch in Puerto Rico last night wasn’t waterlogged, it was better suited to host one of those powerboat races like Thunder on the Ohio. Players went in for slide tackles only to end up 10 yards from where they started, shooting water up like a 672-pound Lithuanian Olympic diver on crack. The ball plugged most times as soon as it hit the ground, and it could very much be thought that the player’s safety was at risk. But referee Mark Geiger played on, and the Islanders took advantage of the slop and the lakes, I mean puddles, to down the visitors, 3-1. It all counts in the standings, and I couldn’t blame Santos for feeling a little hard done by. But they are a Mexican team, and I don’t like the Mexican teams, so go you Islanders! (The first time this Caps fan has ever uttered that phrase.)

Beyond the United match, other action tonight pits Pumas vs. Firpo in Group B; and two matches from Group C, as Montreal hosts Atlante, and Joe Public welcomes Olimpia.

Ed’s Predictions sure to be blasted in the Comments section:

Marathon 3, United 1

Pumas 2, Firpo 0

Montreal 2, Atlante 1

Joe Public 1, Olimpia 1

Here’s your TV schedule for tonight:

8 p.m., FSC, Joe Public v. Olimpia

8 p.m.; Telefutura, Montreal v. Atlante

10 p.m., FSC, Marathon v. United

10 p.m., Telefutura or Galavision, Pumas v. Firpo

1 a.m., FSC, Montreal v. Atlante

One thought on “Champions League Thoughts

  1. Nice recap. Funny lines. A good chcukle for a Wednesday morning, thanks.

    Why Lithuanian?

    Unless Emilio is showing off for his employers next year and decides to do a Buggs Bunny impersonation, there is no way that United scores a goal.

    BTW: Did something get lost in the translation of his interview with the Honduran media? Did he actually say that he already had a deal with a Honduran team for next year? Why is no one talking about that?

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