It’s over. Lock-up the place, and let’s head home.

And that sound, my friends, is the sound of this season coming to an end. United’s loss to LA featured just about everything a neutral or a non-soccer fan would want. It had goals, controversy, passion (if mostly aimed at the referee) and even an ejection. That said, it was a horrible advertisement for MLS. The whole game reminded of an old quote by former US Olympic Hockey coach Herb Brooks, when he said, “You look like a monkey trying to screw a football out there.” Saturday night’s match was all thrashing around with no precision or success.

I thought that the Saprissa match had the potential to be the nadir of the season. Instead this LA match clearly, clearly was the worst. Even if Cruz Azul beats us twice by an aggrigate score of 36-0, this was worse. To end the Galaxy’s losing streak the way they did just sums up what a total disaster this season has become. Let’s not let the Open Cup win obscure things. This season has been an unmitigated disaster – for reasons both in and out of management’s control. There will be plenty of time to a more in-depth breakdown of just what has happened here this season. I am still gathering my thoughts still to do just that.

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