Anybody want Klinsmann now?

The Europoseur’s favorite USA coaching candidate (and admittedly mine too) Jurgen Klinsmann has led Bayern Munich into crisis, winning only two matches of five. The headline to the right (How great is that front page, btw?) came after this weekend’s 5-2 to Werder Bremen. Maybe JK was a one-hit wonder with an experienced German team with the benefit of playing at home?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Anybody want Klinsmann now?

  1. Let’s put to rest the notion that Klinsmann was a wonder with the German national team. In 2002 they were runners-up. In 2006, they were semifinalists despite being at home. Let’s also not forget that, until Germany whipped us in a friendly in the spring, Klinsmann’s job was in danger. The notion that he did anything magical to them is silly.

  2. Hey, he’d probably do a better job than Bradley. I DOUBT he’d let talents such as Cooper, Altidore, Adu, and Davies go to waste when we have no depth (or talent, for that matter) at striker.

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