In Deeper Quicksand than We (Okay, I) Thought

Ed here.

Going into the CONCACAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAF Champions League, I had reasoned that if DC United collected 9 points from their 6 matches, I’d probably be happy with that, nabbing at least 5 at home, and skimming 4 on the road somehow, or maybe 7/2, whatever, you get the picture.

After watching United lose to Saprissa the other night (which, given our lineup, then the sending off of McTavish, I guess one can’t be too shocked at), then watching last night as Marathon of Honduras slapped Cruz Azul around like one of those crazy druggie guys in the middle of the night on “COPS,” I now sort of wonder where any of those points are going to come from.

Is it really at all likely that United are going to win at Marathon or Cruz Azul? Do you have to lower the expectations now and say, hey guess what, one solitary point from those two matches would be OK? And nevermind the trip to Saprissa after what we just saw this week. Even with 5 games left and tied for third in the group on goal difference thanks to Cruz Azul also losing 2-0, I certainly don’t have a cheery outlook about this tourney.

Nevermind the fact that I have a cheery outlook about next to nothing, but whatever.

And in the middle of the post, I’d like to thank the muppets at FSC who brought me back from commercial 25 seconds into the second half of Spurs-Krakow in the UEFA Cup. I could have missed something! Course, it could have been a Comcast error. Maybe they were infatuated by that Jennifer Love Hewitt in the ProActiv commercials. Based on the pictures of her that turned up at a while back, you have to wonder if she ate the bottles of ProActiv rather than used them for unsightly Acne.

What were we talking about?

Oh … right, the Champions League. So, here’s the deal. I’m in Jim Mora mode now.

Trophy? You wanna talk about a trophy? Trophy? I just want to win a darn game? We can’t be talking about a trophy? What … Trophy? Are you kidding?

I had hoped all along that Marathon might be the team United could sneak 4-6 points off of and leave the glimmer of advancing alive if United could snatch results vs. Cruz Azul. And maybe Cruz Azul is that team now, but I kinda doubt it.

I just want United to win a game. Any game, any of the last five. Pick one. I don’t care.

Just win (once), baby.


3 thoughts on “In Deeper Quicksand than We (Okay, I) Thought

  1. I like the Champions League. I think it’s great. But, given the shape of this team, DC United is just dipping its toes in the water this year. We’re participants in the first go round… not competitors.

    Next season’s Champion’s League should be a little easier for us to manage considering we won’t be playing in a Spring Champions Cup or (if the Club Owners have their way) SuperLiga*.

    *Did DC United qualify for SuperLiga by winning the Open Cup?

  2. If they stick with the way the picked the teams for this season’s Superliga, then no, we didn’t make it. They only took the teams with the top 4 regular season records.

  3. Well, that’s good news. I doubt we’ll qualify this year… at least I hope not. I’d rather see United squeak into the playoffs, and then run the table…

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