Misplaced blame

Really? We’re really blaming the fitness staff?

First, it seems that SuperLiga and the CCL both fell prey to the injury crisis. An injury crisis that’s now almost entering its third month! Ridiculous. If I may, I’d like to make the humble suggestion that perhaps we sink some of Gallardo’s $1.9 million into fitness staff. I know, I know, it’s all MLS’s fault for the pathetic size of rosters and the salary cap and blah, blah, blah. Whatever. The fact is, any craftsman knows you’ve got to take care of your tools if you want to get the job done.

This blame seems a bit misplaced to me. How about not getting players who aren’t quite as injury prone as Gallardo?

4 thoughts on “Misplaced blame

  1. The one thing a fitness staff can help with (albite not prevent) are injuries related to muscle pulls or strains. We’ve seen several players recently (Emilio & Vide come to mind) who have taken themselves out of games because they felt their quads/hamstrings tighten up.

    But when you look at the root cause, it’s not a lack of fitness, but fatigue (i.e., the body is not recovering from the amount of phsyical abuse it has been taking over the period of the season).

    While a fitness staff, along with the coaches, have some control over this, you have to look at the whole picture.

    When you look at the who picture:
    + A lack of depth (limited by Salary Cap restraints);
    + Long term injuries (Gallardo, Olsen, Peralta); and
    + Reduction in the amount of time between games (along with increased travel);

    It’s no wonder DC United is falling apart at this point of the season.

    All I can say is at least we’ve claimed 1 trophey this season.

  2. I didn’t actually “blame” anybody. Given MLS’s salary cap and roster size restrictions, just about the only thing United can do is take the best possibly care of the precious few professional-quality players they have. I’m sure the fitness staff are perfectly lovely people who do a wonderful job, but (and I’m making the assumption that MLS doesn’t stick its ugly mug into the dollars spent on non-playing staff and their supplies) if we can’t invest in actual players, the next best thing is investing in taking care of those players that we do have.

    If there’s to be blame spread about, the big foam finger has to point at the ridiculously small (both in size and depth) roster sizes permitted by MLS given the number of competitions United (and others) are involved in.

  3. I “blame” the staff and the owners of DC. Investing money on old players who I predicted were not going to work out from the start. DC took chances and made lots of mistakes. O’Neil was waved off, the goalie DC acquired was a joke, Peralta was preforming well on the field but has been injured for quite some time which hasn’t benefited DC, and finally Gallardo, he was suppose to be the DP but he’s barely played and has been injured for awhile now and to be honest he didn’t do what he was brought here to do.

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