Boehm is right

Charlie is dead on here:

All MLS teams probably play too many games. Consistently successful MLS teams DEFINITELY play too many games. And meanwhile we’re told that the idea of NOT playing MLS matches on international fixture dates is asking just a bit too much of the league office.

The Deportivo Saprissa game was United’s 36th competitive match of 2008. There are 11 more ahead, plus (for a moment being charitable enough to imply that DC might actually get to the MLS Cup final this season) as many as four postseason matches. By comparison:

*As of September 17, 1996, DC United’s inaugural team had played 31 matches, and only had one more to go, plus six playoff games.
*As of September 17, 2002, DC United’s 2002 squad had played 27 matches.
*As of September 17, 2008, the expansion San Jose Earthquakes have played 25 matches.

Also, think about this. As the number of matches has gone up, to what extent has the salary cap and roster restrictions gone up with it? I suspect the answer is not much.


4 thoughts on “Boehm is right

  1. I’m going to throw out my suggestion again:

    In 2009, the MLS season should consist of 28 games (15 teams playing each team twice, home and away).

    Keep the playoffs (5 games), Open Cup (4 games). and SuperLiga (5 games), but teams that qualify for the Champions League (or are playing in the Spring’s elimination round) are excluded from SuperLiga.

  2. TCompton: You have a completely obvious and reasonable suggestion.

    However, you are asking the league to guarantee that their advertising and marketing tournament (I am trying to find an acronym for Liga that says that) will not contain the league’s more successful teams.

    That would be like an All-Star game that you guarantee would not feature Beckham and Donovan. Just try making money off of that…

  3. For what it’s worth, during tailgate for the Dallas match, I asked Will Chang about next season’s schedule and he said the owners were going to try and get rid of SuperLiga.

    As for the reduction in games in my 2009 proposal would only be a 2 games fewer than this year. In 2010 and beyond, a balanced schedule will increase to 30+. If the League is serious about increasing the number of teams to 18 or 20, we’ll could see the number of games played reach 38.

    At some point, the value of the playoffs/post-season will have to be reconsidered. Unless they break the league into two seperate conferences of up to 10 teams who play and 18 game season within their conference, with a post-season championship play-off.

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