Warner v. Keane, a heavyweight blowhard bout

Let the insults fly as Concacaf primo (and total crook) Jack Warner has been in a dispute with Sunderland manager (and total thug) Roy Keane over Keane’s late withdrawl of T&T forward (and total perv) Dwight Yorke. First blood went to Warner.

“Your continuing insensitivity and disrespect for countries such as the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are hereby noted.

“Such insensitivity and disrespect were again most recently displayed by your having summoned Mr Dwight Yorke to England last weekend, thus rendering him unavailable (to face the USA).

“Your callous disregard for the rights of ‘small’ countries to have their players represent them as enshrined in FIFA regulations reveals a mean streak in your character and one which will not endear you or Sunderland to football afficianados of such countries. It is a dangerous path to tread.”

But then today, Keane has responded with a haymaker of his own.

“Yorke is retired. I’ve told Jack what I think of him and where to go. He’s a clown, a disgrace.”


“Obviously, My Warner is making all these threats and a lot of them through the media but he doesn’t really care about these players – he makes out he does but he doesn’t.

“It’s ridiculous. I’ll be writing a letter back to Jack but – unlike him – I won’t be giving it to the media. Basically, if he’s the vice-president of Fifa, God help us all.”

The video of Keane’s outburst is below.

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One thought on “Warner v. Keane, a heavyweight blowhard bout

  1. Keane may have been a complete dick on the field, but I love his no nonsense, “ain’t gonna put up with any bullshit,” demeanor.

    If you don’t know where you stand with Roy Keane, then you’ve never met Roy Keane.

    And Jack Warner’s an ass. As if Dwight York would have done anything to help T&T vs the US… maybe he would have brought a few more ladies to Chicago to help with the attendance, but not much more.

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