Quick Thoughts – USA v. T&T

Ed here. Just some thoughts on the match tonight between the United States and Trinidad & Tobago.

If you don’t want to know the result, don’t read past the jump.

Jump. Jump. Kriss-Kross’ll make ya … oh, sorry.

OK, now. The Americans took home a pretty well-deserved 3-0 win. The play immediately after halftime seemed like that of a team that already knew they had the game won (and they did), but Brian Ching’s goal in the 57th, added on to those by Michael Bradley (9th) and Clint Dempsey (18th) were more than enough to put away what I honestly thought was a pretty sorry T&T side tonight.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the US is some kind of superpower in world soccer. We’re not. We still need a great draw and an upset to make the World Cup quarterfinals in 2010. But they are doing what they should be doing against this group, having captured 9 points in 3 games, with two of them having been away from home. You can make the argument that a draw in Guatemala would’ve have been an OK result (assuming a win vs. them in the US later in the round-robin), but a perfect record so far is nothing to sneeze at – even if people want to assail how we play or who we play or how we’re coached or who does the coaching.

To be honest, in my book, not a lot of that matters right now. We know Coach Bob Bradley has looked at just about everyone in the player pool but me, but we’re still getting results. OK, I’m not in the player pool, but work with me here.

What will now be interesting is, faced with the inevitability now of the US advancing (barring some really freaky shit), how Bradley works the lineup for the final couple games, who gets minutes, and how the team plays. That’s when all this matters.

Right now, it’s still survive and advance mode, even against what can fairly be called weaker competition.

And in that respect, I have nothing to complain about at this point.

And those of you that know me know, that’s saying something.


3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts – USA v. T&T

  1. The real challenge for the US throughout qualifying is staying focused. I think there are times that playing against competition a level or two behind us, we run the risk of:

    1. Thinking we’re better than we are and thus not preparing ourselves well for quality opponents (This was Bruce Arena’s failure at the World Cup. We went into Germany a bit arrogant and earned the 3-0 beatdown by the Czechs), and

    2. Not respecting the “little guys.” The US usually get’s motivated for games against Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, but forgetting about a team like Cuba can be dangerous.

    Unfortunately, the US will qualify for the World Cup without too much of a fight, and the only real measure of improvment will come at the Azteca.

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