Fighting Talker Poll! – Who’s in more disarray?

Since I can’t think of anything else to write about this morning, I’ll throw a poll out there. Which of these clubs or national teams are in the worst disarray? Feel free to elaborate and discuss in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Fighting Talker Poll! – Who’s in more disarray?

  1. Ok, being first and only voter, this poll kind of invalid. Plus, comparing National Teams with Clubs is difficult, because club problems can usually be solved much easier than National Team struggles.

    So, here’s the way I see them, in terms of National Team, then Club.

    1. England The English Football Association has allowed public opinion and money to drive their decision making, and consequently any hopes of National Team success into the ground.

    They’re doomed is because they’ve got a plethora of extremely talented players to choose from, but have no concept of how to play as a team. And to make this problem worse, if a manager were to attempt to instill “team play” into their character, he would be stone to death for not playing certain players in their (the public’s) preferred position. So, if there were a manager good enough to turn England around, he’d also be smart enough not to take the job.

    In a sense, England is in a perpetual state of being just like the US’s 2004 Men’s Basketball team. Just think of how people complained and whined because Coach K didn’t bring a “big man” to Beijing.

    2. France – Domenech may be a terrible manager, but what France is really suffering from is hangover caused by a good head butt from Zidane. France played with the greatest player in a generation for so long, that it’s players need to learn to pick-up the slack now. Domenech will not be able to do that, but some other good manager should be able to steer them into the right direction. But, they’ve got to realize that they’ll never be as good as any of the teams led by Zinadine Zidane again, but at least they won’t lose to Austria.

    3. Canada – Despite their inconsistencies, they’re playing in the group of Death. As crappy as it is that they’ve struggled against Jamaica and Honduras, they’re still on an upswing in terms of National Team quality. The creation of Toronto FC (and maybe another MLS Club) will help to develop a group of players that Canada has long been without. Without looking at their National Team player pool, there a risk of not producing another player the quality of Dwayne DeRosario . But with the overall increase of talent around the field in general, should gradually improve their program.

    And on the Club side:

    1. Newcastle – While their owners and fans may be nuts, they play in the EPL, and that will only help to cover-up the fact that half the of league’s owners and fans are also nuts. When it comes down to it, whether Keegan or Zico coaches Newcastle, the club will stay in the Premiership and their drama will continue. But it doesn’t matter. They don’t have the aspirations of winning the League, FA Cup, or Carling Cup, so who really cares about Newcastle anyway?

    2. West Ham United – losing a manager after a few weeks on the job is not nearly as bad as losing one in January. It’ll be much easier for Zola to recover from a poor start than it is to pick-up where a prior manager left off midway through the season. They’ll survive.

    3. Toronto FC – When push comes to shove, you’re still looking at a second year franchise. They’re suffering from MLS’s stupid rules for the Canadian club. Whether the league can work around the International Calendar or not, at some point, the League needs to treat Canadians and Americans the same when it comes to International players. The League has crossed a border, and it’s rules need to adjust accordingly. Toronto will still likely go after Canadians, be if they can be more balanced, I suspect the be in better shape.

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