A bit much from EPL Talk

EPL Talk goes in over the top a bit when discussing Fox Soccer Channel’s recent predilection towards plastering its sets with advertising.

I haven’t watched Fox Football Fone-In this season but in previous seasons the co-hosts and set have been kitted out in so many football shirts and associated gear that it looked the show and the hosts were prostituting themselves for the almighty dollar.

The channel risks turning the network into a joke. Let’s hope that they make the right decision by promoting advertisers in an appropriate and sensible manner that keeps the focus on the content of the show and not the brand names that sponsor the show.

I actually applaud FSC for being so upfront about its product placement deals rather than trying to sneak them by, like how ER used to always pan up to the nurses station from behind a computer featuring a very large Dell or Apple label, or how James Bond always seems to linger over that branded watch, car, or beer happens to be in frame at that moment.

There are many reasons why FSC and especially Fox Football Fone-In are jokes. They can wear as many jersies as they want as long as it means I never have to look at another THROWBALL t-shirt, which does nothing but make soccer fans appear more annoying and snobby. I am no defender of FSC, whose anchors I have called “idiots,” “jackasses,” and “idiots” (again), but in this case, I think it’s a bit much to say the network is losing its soul.


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