My “twin” quits the Sun-Times

Not Aaron

Not Aaron

It looks like my celebrity lookalike Jay Mariotti has decided to quit his post as jerk, columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times. Good riddens. I have never met anyone as universally disliked by other writers the way Mariotti was.

Adios, jerk-face.


3 thoughts on “My “twin” quits the Sun-Times

  1. Finally! You admit it!

    And I accidentally sat next to Mariotti at the Big Ten men’s bball tournament this past year and he didn’t seem like a bad guy, although he was more interested in his e-mail than Illinois’ stunning upset that was happening at the time.

  2. Yes! I too am pleased you admit that you and Jay are long lost twins. In all seriousness though, I love the site and your commentary.

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